Women of Esquivel

Who are the women wearing Esquivel Shoes? They’re women of all ages, with a range of personal and professional identities—editors, creatives, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives and sisters. And they, perhaps more than anyone else, play essential parts in the success of our business and in virtually every aspect of our lives. We understand that it’s because these women choose to work on our team or simply navigate any one of their roles while wearing a pair of Esquivel shoes that the brand has been able to live and to flourish. So, in the fall of 2020 we organized a photoshoot with a sample of female clients to represent them, to celebrate them and to thank them for the massive amount of support we’ve received through the years.

“I’ve always put women on a pedestal,” George Esquivel says, speaking to the theme of this photo session at the designer’s atelier, Esquivel House in Downtown Los Angeles. He explains that his support system from a young age consisted of strong women, namely his mother and his aunts. That sense of love and encouragement only multiplied through the years from his wife, Shelley, and particularly following the launch of Esquivel Shoes, as clients expressed such adoration for, and spread the word about, his one-of-a-kind shoes.

The bottom line: The women who wear Esquivel are superheroes, though they aren’t fictional. They’re real women, living life to the fullest, and we’re beyond thankful to be taken along on so many of their adventures.

See what they’re wearing at georgeesquivel.com.