Forbes features Esquivel X Sneaker

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Far more than technical mastery, luxury sneakers are now designed by reimagining the classic sneaker silhouette. Nowadays, sneakers worn during office hours represents modified style— so you can walk like everyone’s watching. Current offerings are a hybrid mix of elements that come from street style culture and the renowned quality and mastery of fine footwear craftsman.

To my point, while in the boardroom, be the star of your own show. For men, exaggerated exchange between past and present in power footwear is the rebirth of cool. In a word, innovative and technological advances are consciously designed for dressing for success. All of the new models also sport sleek design and precise attention crafted from exceptional leathers and a durable tech fabric. In current collections, the newly expanding market for office-attire sneakers is spot on. In fact, many of the companies have deep roots in footwear history. Technology plays a big part with digital renderings enabling to perfect prior to manufacturing – thus cutting expenses down to a bare minimum.

But amid the activity in technological advancements, it is clear that there is still no replacing fine craftsmanship of trained human hands. More to the point, it is the human element that peaks the most interest with menswear consumers. The current product offerings featured below are made for men who aren’t afraid to challenge convention. The new hybrids of the season are perfect for in-climate weather any executive will face on their busy days. During these uncertain economic times, I suggest that you stay polished and the office and keep grounded in style on your very own two feet!


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Esquivel X Sneakers in Black Leather and Signature Handmade Laces

Esquivel – Celebrated accessories designer George Esquivel, known for his handcrafted footwear worn by the likes of The Rock, Chris Pine, Janelle Monae, Emma Stone, among others, introduces his newest addition to the Esquivel X collection, the Sneakers. Esquivel reimagines classic sneaker silhouette with a shoe made with black soft leather, unlined for a glove like feel, and his signature handmade fabric laces. In addition to looking good this fall, every purchase will go to support Giving Children Hope. A charity with the goal to provide food and hope to those who are in need from across the street to around the world.  Men’s Classic Weekender Black $295.00