How much does a casual sneaker cost?

In today’s footwear market, options for casual shoes are abundant and offered in a wide range of prices. Sneakers in specific are considered a casual dress essential, but at what cost?

For the best casual sneakers, how much can you expect to pay? As with so many things, the answer is pretty nuanced, and depends on what you’re looking for in terms of style. Keeping reading for a breakdown of reputable shoe brands and their respective prices for casual sneakers.

Ranging from $58 to $375


Although Adidas was once reserved only for athletic shoes and sportswear, the brand is now considered a streetwear brand as well. It’s been branching further and further into the market, employing partnerships with a slew of popular fashion designers to achieve such ends. In terms of casual sneakers, the Stan Smith model is a classic and fairly inexpensive, starting at $75.



KOIO offers great options for men and women channeling minimalism and versatility. The short of it is its sneaker prices fall between $248 and $368, and the quality rivals that of its main competitor, Common Projects. That’s because according to its website, KOIO manufactures in similar high-end factories and uses premium Italian leather for its styles; meanwhile from a comfort perspective, the brand offers plenty of support with its use of extra padding.

New Balance

Despite having a reputation for having a dorky look to them, New Balance shoes are now the inherent leaders of the chunky sneaker (a.k.a. dad sneaker) trend. While some other designers have put their spin on the trend, and with some of them getting pretty out-there in their endeavors, New Balance takes a down-to-earth approach to the trend and to pricing. The brand’s 990V4 and 574 styles are popular and on par with lifestyle, walking and running shoes from brands like Nikeand Adidas; they sell for about $185 and $80 respectively.


SeaVees purveys classic casual shoes for a bargain. The brand’s value proposition is that its shoes are crafted in small batches to control quality, and it uses a process called vulcanization, which it says makes for more durable products. The brand starts its sneakers at the bargain price of $58 and only run as high as $178 for special high-top models.


For a brand with ultra-versatile leather sneaker options, earnest intentions to do good for the environment and reasonable pricing, look to Veja. What makes Veja a covetable sneaker brand is its substantial effort to create a “green” product, as well as its assortment of styles, colorways and collaborations.

Ranging from $375 to $600

Common Projects

Common Projects sneakers have such a classic and crisp look that they can be worn with so many looks, particularly if your version of casual dress is more polished than it is grunge. In terms of product options, Common Projects offers an assortment of neutral colorways, platform styles and laceless models to accommodate many preferences; and all of its offerings fall roughly between $400 and $600, a range that fans can justify based on their versatility.

Golden Goose

Golden Goose offers low- and high-top sneakers unlike most other brands. With all of its offerings rooted in a price range of $460 to $750, the brand subversively designs its products to look and feel worn. For some, it’s this approach to design that provides more value, because the sneakers don’t change with wear; scuffing them further should barely change their look, and since they run wide, they should feel broken in.


With degrees in engineering and architecture, Virgil Abloh made his mark on the world by building a dynamite label and guiding the trajectory of modern fashion through his innovative concepts and designs. Beloved by fashion nerds and sneakerheads alike, Off-White sneakers are considered casual without much dispute because the designs usually consist of a chunky construction and phrases like “For walking” on them.

You can find some of Off-White sneakers for as low as $215, though they can run as high as $1,335 depending on the style.


Ranging from $600 to $1,000


Balenciaga makes a statement with its sneakers, and its innovative approach to designing is accounted for in the pricing. The heritage brand has made particularly big waves with its chunky or “ugly” sneaker look that starts around $895 and can run up to $1,290 for more novel styles, like the Black Toe High-Top sneakers.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela™ uses quality materials, as well as with creativity and craftsmanship, to create its classic casual sneaker styles. Those details, combined with its heritage luxury brand status, play roles in its pricing. Its low- and high-top Replica sneakers are a reinterpretation of 20th-century German army trainers, and they start at around $495—the lowest price Margiela offers for any of its sneakers. Meanwhile, collaborations and sneakers with rare effects can run up to around $1,100.

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